RJJ Texture's Gallery 
This page is designed to be viewed at a resolution of 800x600 with 64K colours.

Here are just a few examples using RJJ's Textures........All these pictures use RJJ textures ONLY!

Spark Escher Head Burnt Logo
This picture uses RJlinear for the spark. RJWood is used on the generator stand and floor. The floor also uses RJBozo.
The head was sectioned using RJLinear and the Vertical grain was created using RJBozo. The clouds were generated using RJfBm.
The burning hole uses RJCircle and the background RJJWood. The flaming logo created using RJSmear. The basic smoke uses RJJSwirl with RJlinear to shape and fade it.
Godzilla Planets Planets
The green cloud was created with RJcircle and the eyelid uses RJGrid and RJNoiseB. The eyeball uses a combination of RJRadial, RJCircle and RJVein.
RJSwirl and RJfBM were used for the planets with the star map created using RJGrain. The large stars and sun use RJBozo, RJStripe and RJWood.
The background uses a combination of RJVeinB and RJBozo while the eggs use RJDentB and RJBozo.