RJJ Textures 
Volume VII 
This page is intended to be viewed in 800 x 600 x 64K colours
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What are RJJ Textures RJJ Textures are a set of procedural textures for use with Impulse's ray tracer, Imagine for Windows. They are a set of colour and bump textures that share a common set of user definable parameters. In addition, they all inter-relate so that bump colours can be modified by other RJJ textures and material maps can be generated to blend other RJJ textures together.


RJJFlowNoise RJJFlowNoise RJJFlowNoise and RJJFlowNoiseAbs
Click on the images to see the animation.
RJJWindyWaves RJJWindyWaves
RJJCloth RJJCloth
Planar, Spherical and Cylindrical Mapping
RJJStampedIV RJJStampedIV