RJJ Textures 
Volume IV 
This page is intended to be viewed in 800 x 600 x 64K colours
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What are RJJ Textures RJJ Textures are a set of procedural textures for use with Impulse's ray tracer, Imagine for Windows. They are a set of colour and bump textures that share a common set of user definable parameters. In addition, they all inter-relate so that bump colours can be modified by other RJJ textures and material maps can be generated to blend other RJJ textures together.


HexMesh 1


RJJHexMesh provides a hexgonal pattern just like chicken wire.
HexMesh 2 RJJHexMesh can be mapped Planar, Cylindrically or Sphereically. Hexmesh 3


TriTIle 1


RJJTriTile provides a triangular tile pattern.
TriTIle 2 RJJTriTile can be mapped Planar, Cylindrically or Sphereically. Hexmesh 3




RJJFresnel provides a physically accurate optical effect. This effect is that glass objects become more opaque and more reflective at glancing angles.




RJJSketch shades an object as though it has been sketched.


Radial Space Tiles


RJJSpaceTileR is a 2D pattern of raised tiles seperated by grout mapping radially to a flat plane.


Stamped III


RJJStampedIII is a 2D planar texture simulating stamped steel flooring with curved raised sections.




RJJOneTone takes the color, reflect, filter and specular color an allows them to be a single tone. This makes it good for creating B&W objects or Sepia objects




RJJInvert takes the color, reflect, filter and specular color and inverts them to create strange dalek effects.


HueRotate 1


RJJHueRotate takes the object's color, converts it to HSV and allows the Hue to be rotated. This allows a color cycling effect to be created.


HueAngle 1


RJJHueAngle changes the Hue of an object based on the angle between the camera and the object. This allows color effects to be created simple to the way a CD glints as it is angled towards the light.


Irid2 1


RJJIrid2S creates an irridescent effect by modifing the specular color of the object. This gives the specular highlight of rainbow or thin film effect.
Irid2 2


Wood 1


RJJNewWood is yet another wood but using a different algorithm which is hopefully more pleasing on the eye.
Wood 2