RJJ Textures 
Volume II 
This page is intended to be viewed in 800 x 600 x 64K colours
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What are RJJ Textures RJJ Textures are a set of procedural textures for use with Impulse's ray tracer, Imagine for Windows. They are a set of colour and bump textures that share a common set of user definable parameters. In addition, they all inter-relate so that bump colours can be modified by other RJJ textures and material maps can be generated to blend other RJJ textures together. With the exception of RJJToon these new texture provides all the capabilities of the other RJJ Textures.


Click Here to see the RJJ Brush


Crushed Things Examples of the
RJCrushB and RJCrush2B


Toon Tick

RJJToon Texture

This texture allows any 3D objects to be shaded to look like traditional cell animation.
Further examples can be found HERE

Bathing Grommit
Toon Wallace


Anisotropic 1

RJJAniso Texture

RJJAnistropic is a specular shader that makes an object look like it is made from spun or brushed metal.
Anisotropic 2


Iridescent 1

RJJIrid Texture

RJJIrid allows an object to be shaded as though seen through a thin film. Turbulence can be applied which will modulate the film thickness.
Iridescent 2


Glow 1

RJJGlow Texture

RJJGlow makes an object appear as though it is glowing.
Glow 2


Fakely 1

RJJFakely Texture

RJJFakely allows the object's attributes to be modified based on the angle between the camera and the object. This allows frensel effects to be approximated.
Fakely 2


Sky Metal 1

RJJSkyMetal Texture

RJJsmetal allows a reflected sky, horizon and ground to be placed on an object. This makes surfaces like air brushed chrome, or any shiney metal, possible without any reflections required.
Sky Metal 2


Cellular 1

RJJCellular Texture

RJJCell provides cellular bumps that look like bubbles or scaley skin when the bumps are positive and crumpled paper when the bumps are negative.
Cellular 2


Crackle 1

RJJCrackle Texture

RJJCrak provides crackled bumps that look like dry stone walls or crazy paving.
Crackle 2


Crust 1

RJJCrusty Texture

RJJCrust provides crusty bump pattern that look like a dried surface or smashed ice.
Crust 2


Others 1

RJJOther Texture

RJJOthers allows another RJJ texture to affect the specularity, Fog Length, Shininess, Hardness, Brightness, IOR and Roughness of an object.
Others 2


Radial Hull 1

RJJRadialHull Texture

RJJrhull provides a radial hull pattern suitable for mapping directly to sphere and cylinder shapes.
Radial Hull 2


Radial Checks 1

RJJRadialChecks Texture

RJJrchecks provides a radial soft check pattern suitable for mapping directly to sphere and cylinder shapes.
Radial Checks 2


Z Buffer 1

RJJZBuffer Texture

RJJZBuff allows the object's attributes to be modified based on the position of the object in the 3D world.Near and Far controls allow the overall depth of this 3D world to be set.
Z Buffer 2