RJJ Texture's 
Volume I 
This page is designed to be viewed at a resolution of 800x600 with 64K colours.

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RJAcidB  RJAgate  RJBozo  RJBozoB  RJCaust 
RJCaustB  RJCircle  RJDentB  RJDots  RJDotsB 
RJfBm  RJFlare1  RJGrain  RJGrid  RJGridB 
RJHull  RJJulia  RJLinear  RJLumpB  RJMandel 
RJMarble  RJNoiseB  RJRadial  RJRdots  RJRibsB 
RJRing  RJScheck  RJSmear  RJSpiral  RJSpot 
RJSpotB  RJStar  RJStone  RJStripe  RJStuccoB 
RJSwirl  RJVein  RJVeinB  RJWood  HOME 
REMEMBER All of these examples can be loaded as attributes and used directly.