RJJ BozoBump Texture 
This page is intended to be viewed in 800 x 600 x 64K colours
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What are RJJ Textures RJJ Textures are a set of procedural textures for use with Impulse's ray tracer, Imagine for Windows. They are a set of colour and bump textures that share a common set of user definable parameters. In addition, they all inter-relate so that bump colours can be modified by other RJJ textures and material maps can be generated to blend other RJJ textures together.

RJJ BozoBump Examples Here's just few textures RJJ BozoBump can generate....

rjbozob example rjbozob example rjbozob example rjbozob example rjbozob example rjbozob example rjbozob example
Basic Bump Dinoskin
Uses rjdotb & rjjulia
Melted Chocolate Shedding Skin
Uses rjdentb & rjbozo
Sliding Slim
Uses rjlinear
Cellophane Melting Skin
Uses rjagate

RJJ BozoBump This texture provides noisy bumps. That is, the kind of bumps seen on water as ripples. The overall scale of the texture is determined by the texture axes.

Bump Height The bump height can be controlled to give bumps or dents.
Clipping The top and bottom of the bumps can be clipped to give flat plateaus and plains.
Turbulence Turbulence can be added with the size, period, noise and number of octaves all being controllable.
Material Maps Any texture can be used to control the application of other textures. These can be any of the RJJ colour or bump textures.
Scale Maps Any colour texture can be used to control the scale of the next texture applied.