RJJ Texture's Overview 
This page is designed to be viewed at a resolution of 800x600 with 64K colours.

RJJ Texture are a new set of extremely versatile procedural texture for the Imagine For Windows ray tracer. Each texture has a similar user interface to make learning how to use the texture child's play. Here are just some of the many features that are available:
  • Textures can have infinite colours in colour maps that can be precisely controlled.
  • Alpha channels provide control of the layering, filter and reflectivity of the textures.
  • Infinite alpha maps can also be constructed.
  • Colours can be blended together or not as the case may be.
  • Colour textures can be used a material maps for accurate texture blending.
  • Colour textures can control the colour, filter and transparency of any object.
  • Both bump and colour textures can be blended.
  • Colour textures can be used to control the bump height of any bump texture.
  • Any colour texture can control the scaling of any other textures.
  • Filter and layering techniques allow for complicated pattern to be formed.
  • All textures can have noise and turbulence applied to them.
  • All textures have controls to get the maximum versatility out of them.