HyperTextures in Imagine 
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Hypertexture Cloud Picture HyperTexture Cloud
Click Me! to see the animated version (166KB MPEG).
Two HyperTextures are now available in RJJ Textures Volume V
Hypertexture Cloud Picture 1 Hypertexture Cloud Picture 2 Hypertexture Cloud Picture 3 Hypertexture Cloud Picture 4

This is an example of a hypertexture rendered in imagine. The textures is a standard procedural texture applied to a standard CSG sphere. This was then rendered using Imagine 2.0 so NO volumetrics were used. The process works by the texture marching its own ray through an imaginary sphere. The current texture is limited as Imagine texture cannot currently access information about lights. Also, you cannot place the camera inside the texture so you couldn't fly through it. However the effects are good so look out for some more examples soon.