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IFWHueAngle is a simple shader that changes the object's hue based on the angle between the object and the camera. This makes the object's color change in the same way as a CD glints as you look at it. The example below shows how a spinning disk can be made to look it catches the light as it rotates.

Glinting Disk

  Download Free IFWHueAngle Shader (Intel)

  Download Free IFWHueAngle Shader (Mac)


Texture Specific Parameters
Hue Angle 0% to 100% This parameter determines the magnitude by which the hue is rotated. A setting of 0% means the hue will be unaltered while a setting of 50% means the hue will be changed by 180 degrees based on the face angle. With 100% the hue will change by 360 degrees.
Invert True/False This check box simply changes the direction by which the hue is rotated allowing different effects to be created.