IFW LW/Inspire Shaders 
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This page is intended to be viewed in 1024 x 768 in 24bit color
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IFW Texture Demo

The IFW texture demo consists of 25 example shaders with saving and loading disabled. This means that you will be able to use and play with the shaders but you will not be able to load or save any surfaces either directly or via objects. To download the demo textures simply click of the button below:

  Lightwave 5.6/Inspire3D IFW Intel Texture Demo (1,456Kb)
  5.6 Sample Surfaces (34Kb)

  Lightwave 5.6/Inspire3D IFW Mac Texture Demo (1,030Kb)
  5.6 Sample Surfaces (32Kb)

  Lightwave 5.6 IFW Alpha Texture Demo (315Kb)
To Install the IFW Texture Demo Plug-in:

  • Create a directory under your main lightwave or Inspire directory (example - c:\newtek or d:\inspire) called "ifw_textures" (example - c:\newtek\ifw_textures or d:\inspire\ifw_textures). This assumes that the directory has not already been created.
  • Unzip the ifw_demo.zip to this directory overwriting any exiting files.
  • Run Lightwave or Inspire in Layout and select Options. Then click on Add Plug-ins and browse to the directory where the plug-in was unzipped (example - c:\newtek\ifw_textures or d:\inspire\ifw_textures). Finally, select the ifw_demo.p.
  • To use the IFW textures plug-ins select Surfaces and click on the Advanced Options tab. Then under shader Plug-ins click on any of the drop down list labeled (none) and pick an IFW texture you wish to use