Holy Rusty Old Panels

Step One
First of all add IFW2_Organic and select the dirt shader. Turn off the bump height and make color1 black and color2 dark grey. Next add IFW2_Panels and uncheck panel color1 enable check box. By doing this the panel color will be a mixed between the underlying dirt and panel color2. Uncheck the Do Smear and Do Rivets buttons and set the panel rust and dirt intensity to zero. This is so the smear and rivet are not calculated and no rust or dirt is applied to the panels. On the Peel tab set the peel intensity to 0% as we want it calculated but not affect the surface yet. Finally, uncheck the Panel Affect check box and check the Peel Affects check box so that only the peel function is passed on. To check what the material map looks like just preview the alpha channel.

Step Two
Next we want to create a rust texture to use on the peel edges of the panels. To do this add IFW2_Noise and select fBm. Set the scaling to 30mm, 30mm, 30mm for X, Y and Z. Uncheck the color1 enable box and set the color2 to dark brown. This done to get a blend between the underlying panel color and the rusty brown color, color2. Finally, to use the peel material map we have set up in the previous panels texture check the Material Map Layer check box.

Step Three
Next we are going to do a similar thing with the panel smears so we need to add IFW2_Panels again. This time uncheck the Do Panels, Do Rivets and Do Peel check box so that only the smear is calculated. Again, turn the smear intensity down to 0% as we only want to use it a material map. This time only have the Smear Affect check box enabled so that only the smear function is passed on. In this case the two panels instances use the same default settings. If you modify the settings in the first panel instance simply save a *.ifw file and load it into the second panel instance to make them the same. For the actual smear texture add IFW2_Noise again and select fBm with the scaling set to 20mm, 200mm, 200mm for X, Y and Z. Set the first two colors to a slim green to dark mold green. Finally, to use the previous smear pattern check the Material Map Layer check box.

Step Four
The last thing to do is dirty up the panels. To do this simply add IFW2_Organic and select dirt. Make color1 olive green and color2 black. As we only want to apply a coating of dirt over the top set Alpha1 to 50% and Alpha2 to 100% then check the Layer check box under the apply tab.

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