Creating Simple Old Bricks

Step One
First of all add IFW2_Tiles and select bricks. Change the two brick colors to red and dark brown. Then add some grouting of around 10% and disturb the bricks slightly by setting the noise scale to a small value and the noise magnitude to around 0.02. The Pass on Mix check box should be unchecked as we want the texture we use for the bricks to be applied with the same strength to each brick.

Step Two
Next add a texture to surface each of the bricks. To copy this example use IFW2_Organic with the cellular shader selected. Turn off the application of color by unchecking all of the color disable buttons. This allows the original brick color mix to show through. Finally, in order to have this texture only affect the bricks check the Material Map check box.

Step Three
Now that the bricks are textured we need to add a texture for the mortar. Use IFW2_Noise with the granite shader. A color mix of light grey and dark brown creates a sandy mortar mix. As we want this texture to be applied in a brick pattern check the Material Map check box. As there is already a texture being used for the first material this texture was only applied to the remaining parts. In this case the mortar between the bricks.

Step Four
The last thing to do is dirty up the bricks. Use two IFW2_Organic textures each applying dirt. The first should have green shades and the second black. Both use alpha maps with high alpha values to affect their opacity so that the underlying colors still show through.

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