Screen Shots of IFW2 Textures in Action
Axes The panel for IFW2 Textures is non-modal so you can adjust all the shader's parameters and watch the normal preview sphere update. The interface is also compliant with the Viper preview so making adjustments to the shaders is easy.

In addition to this a real-time preview of the current layer is available within IFW2 Textures so that changes to the current shader can be made quickly and effectively without the need to preview the whole shader stack.

You can also view the current alpha map (used for affecting other surface attributes like reflectivity) so that you know precisely how it is going to affect the current object's surface attributes.

You also have the ability to save and load the current shader settings for fast shader cloning onto other surfaces or you may want to use one color/alpha map with a completely different shader.
Affect IFW2 textures can now affect all of the object's surface attributes that can normally be controlled in Lightwave. The alpha maps can also be inverted to make the maximum use of the current texture function.

The color and alpha maps have eight entries, all of which can be independently animated using the standard Lightwave envelopes. This allows complex color and alpha gradients to be set up and controlled.

The texture function can be used to control six different wave types to give even more unique textures and styles.

The color and alpha affects can be applied to objects in a variety of ways to allow the creation of all manner of special effects.
Parameters All of the shaders are now integrated into a few plug-ins do there is no need to search through lists and lists of plug-ins. Also, you can use color/alpha maps from one shader on any other shader As these can be saved and libraries created the process of shader creation is seriously speeded-up.

All of the special to type parameters for the shaders include context sensitive help. So select a shader, click on help and a window will appear giving details on what all the parameters do. An example help screen is shown below.

IFW2 textures can be layered so one texture can be used as a material map allowing two other textures to be combined. Also, a texture function from a preceding layer could be used allowing the current texture to extend the color/alpha map without the need to re-evaluate the texture function. A preceding texture may also be used to scale the current texture in all three axes.

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