IFW2 Package (Quad License) Pricing
The IFW2 Package consists of :

IFW2 Nodal (Click here for more information)
  • 222 New Nodes for Lightwave 9.0 and above (Win32, Win64, Mac UB and Mac OSX)

  • Nodes supplied as 16 plug-ins :

    IFW2 Nodal Deformers IFW2 Nodal Display IFW2 Nodal Fractals IFW2 Nodal Geometric
    IFW2 Nodal Gradients IFW2 Nodal Noise IFW2 Nodal Organic IFW2 Nodal Panels
    IFW2 Nodal Process IFW2 Nodal Regional IFW2 Nodal Space IFW2 Nodal Skins
    IFW2 Nodal SpecialFX IFW2 Nodal Tiles IFW2 Nodal Water IFW2 Nodal Waveforms

  • Over 400 Example Preset Surface Files.
IFW2 Textures
  • 249 Shaders for LW7.0 to LW9.0 and above (Win32, Win64, Mac UB and Mac OSX)

  • Shaders supplied as 12 plug-ins :

    IFW2_Display IFW2_Fractals IFW2_Gradient IFW2_Noise
    IFW2_Organic IFW2_Panels IFW2_Skins IFW2_Space
    IFW2_SpecialFX IFW_Tiles IFW_Water IFW2_VMAP

  • 191 Procedural Textures for LW7.0, to LW9.0 and above (Win32, Win64, Mac UB and Mac OSX)

  • Procedural Textures supplied as 10 plug-ins :

    IFW2_Display_Texture IFW2_Fractals_Texture IFW2_Gradient_Texture IFW2_Noise_Texture
    IFW2_Organic_Texture IFW2_Panels_Texture IFW2_Skins_Texture IFW2_Space_Texture
    IFW_Tiles_Texture IFW_Water_Texture

  • Over 1500 surface files arranged by shader.
  • Over 200 IFW special gradients.
  • The Gradient Creator Program (PC Only).
  • Many Examples scenes including both static and animations.
  • Detailed PDF Manual
  • Full technical support and advice on the shaders and procedural textures.
Special Offer! All this for only
$69 US

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