IFW2 Display
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The IFW2_Display Procedural Texture plugin contains five LED/LCD display shaders.

Counter 1
Counter 2
Counter 3
Dot Matrix

Counter 1 - This shader provides a seven segment counter pattern. Basically it can be real time clock or a counter. The count value is animatable. The time can be displayed in 12/24 hour format with or without seconds. The count value can be displayed with leading zeros and a controllable decimal point.

Counter 2 Counter 2 is the same as counter 1 except that the shape of the segments is more modern.

Counter 3 - Counter 3 is the same as counter 1 except that the numbers are drawn using a dot matrix display with a selectable font.

Dot Matrix - This shader provides a dot matrix display using a text string provided by the user.

UV LEDs - This shader provides a row of round or square colored LEDs. These can be animated to provide a variety of blinking, rotating, flashing LEDs or windows. Controls are provided that allow all kinds of panel displays or ship lights to be simulated.

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