IFW2 Skins
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The IFW2_Skins Shader plugin contains 13 different skins shaders.
Frog Skin
Grainy Wood
Snake Skin
Super Lattice

Camo - This shader provides a random "camouflage" kind of pattern.

Crumple - This shader does the used-tinfoil/crumpled-and-flattened-back-out-paper-bag look. Just adding color does something that looks like the canals of Mars, and using the bump adjustment will make the surface appear crumpled, like wrinkled metal. There is a clipping function that lets you flatten out the tops of the creases or the bottoms of the 'crumples'. By reversing the crumple you get a very convincing hide pattern.

Dino Skin - This shader provides scaly/bumpy/wrinkly dinosaur skin. All the standard controls are available to create all kinds of dinosaur, alien or reptile skin.

Frog Skin - This shader does a speckled, bumpy, spotted pattern that looks a bit like the skin of a frog or toad.

Grainy Wood - This shader creates a very grainy wood pattern. The depth of the grain can be varied along with the wood ring spacing.

Leather - This shader emulates the grain of leather or wrinkles. The the grain width, depth and color can all be adjusted.

Monster - Monster is a gory meaty shader that looks like some sort of creeping disease. The shader is made up of a bumps with bumps on them (clumps of bumps?). There is also a dispersion value that allows you to turn on clumps of bumps so you can get these big scabby looking areas.

Pastella - This shader produces a rather pleasing noisy sine wave effects. A seed is provided to allow the creation of many different variations

Peened - This shader does a peened (hammered) looking surface that is sometimes seen on finished metals. The shader applies a lot of tightly packed and overlapping spherical dents to the surface, and it can also add color into the dents which will look like an antique finish has been applied to the surface.

Netting - This shader creates a criss-cross type of pattern much like the nets used for fishing.

Scratched - This shader applies random scratches, dings, and dents to the surface of an object to give it a very beat up, rough look. The shader applies several long and thin, overlapping cuts and dents in up to 16 different layers. It can also add color to the scratches which will look like an antique finish or dirt has been applied to the surface.

Snake Skin - This shader creates a scaly skin surface much like that skin of a snake or lizard.

Super Lattice - This shader creates a lattice pattern based on overlapping circles. This can be used to make a stamped pattern.

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