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The IFW2_Organic Shader plugin contains 28 different organic shaders.
Easy Wood
Hard Wood

ArtDeco - This shader is based on the crackle shader except that the distance between cells has been changed to give them a more organic feel.

Blister - This shader provides a pattern rather like leopard or Dalmatian spots. These spots can also be applied as bumps to create smooth blisters or pitted effects.

Branches - This shader provides hard-edged vein-like patterns that branch out from the center of the texture.

Caustic - This shader provides a water caustic noise pattern. That is, the kind of pattern you get when light plays on a surface of a swimming pool. When it is used as a bump pattern it creates veiny worm types of effects.

Cellular - This shader provides a random cell like pattern rather like clusters of varying sized circles. These can be bumped and colored to provide a wide variation of organic type patterns. The shader can also be made fractal in nature to create a variety of noise type patterns.

CellularfBm - This shader uses a fractal pattern based on the cellular function. The result is a pleasing ocean wave like texture.

CrazyPaving - This shader uses a pattern much like crazy paving and includes a parameter to control just how crazy it is.

Cheesy - This shader is based on the cellular shader except that the distance between cells have been squared off. This makes for an interesting rectangular pattern that is good for hull plated or machinery like surfaces.

Concrete - This shader provides something that looks a lot like concrete with three interleaved bump map patterns.

Crackle - This shader provides a random crack like pattern rather like a dried up river bed or smashed slab toffee. The shader can also be used to create veins or random lattice type patterns.

CracklefBm - This shader uses a fractal pattern based on then crackle function. The result is a nice crumple effect texture.

Crust - This shader provides a crusty looking surface much like molten metal where the top is solidified slag.

Dirt - This shader was made to generally dirty up objects so they won't look quite so perfect. Due to the way the dirt function is applied, it can be used to do a splotchy, dusty look as well as a more even scattered dirt look.

Disturbed - This shader produces a two wave pattern. The two wave sources affect each other and over-lap allowing a criss-cross pattern to be created.

Easy Wood - This shader creates a wood grain pattern with rings, concentric, around the specified axis. A bump can also be applied to generate some relief to the wood grain.

Electric - This shader provides noisy pattern much like large electrical splashes or discharges.

Faceted - This shader provides a faceted pattern much like roughly cut rock. This makes it great for creating crumpled kinds of surfaces.

Fire - This shader simulates a bonfire or camp fire type of effect.

Firewall - This shader simulates a firewall, just like a sheet of flames. By adjusting the flames height a good lightning/plasma effect can be achieved.

Flagstone - This shader provides a random crack like pattern rather like crazy paving or stone cladding. The texture is similar to crackle except that the individual slabs can be colored.

Hard Wood - This shader creates a wood effect. If differs from Easy Wood as it provides a grainier, more noisy, wood pattern. The grain speckles can also be bump map to provide grain relief.

Minky - This shader is based on the cellular shader except that the distance between cells have been derived linearly. This creates a diamond like surface pattern.

Scales - This shader provides pattern similar the scales or the plated kind of animal hide.

SinBlob - This shader produces a blobby sine wave pattern based a pseudo random pattern. A seed is provided to allow the creation of many different variations.

Vein - This shader provides vein like patterns. This makes it ideal for textures like eyeballs or very organic looking skin.

Waves - This shader produces a single wave pattern. The wave is disturbed giving an undulating bump pattern.

Wood - This shader creates a linear wood grain effect.

Worm Vein - This shader creates a wormy vein type of pattern useful for veiny skin or electrical arcs.

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