Common Preview Controls IFW2 Textures
All IFW2 textures have a built in preview function allowing the current texture layer to be viewed quickly for fast editing. Also, common to all textures is a built in load and save function so that a particular texture settings can be saved for later use. These are described below:

The preview function is updated automatically when any setting is changed and the IFW preview check box is enabled. If the IFW preview check box is disabled then the preview function built into Lightwave's surface editor will be used. If this is the case then an update of the IFW preview can be commanded by clicking on the IFW preview window. The preview function will not take into account the majority of the affect controls like reflectivity or transparency.
It will, however, mix the texture to take account of falloff, disabled colors and affect layer settings mixing the current texture with a grey checked background. The preview will also take into account the Material Map, Use Last Layer and Scale Layer settings producing the appropriate mixing based on a left to right linear gradient as the previous layer.
You can also zoom in and out of the IFW texture preview. To do this simply drag a rectangle out in the preview window using the left mouse button. A tall thin rectangle will zoom in by two and a short fat rectangle will zoom out by two.

Preview Color or Alpha
If the color preview is selected then the current texture is displayed. If the Alpha preview is selected then a black and white representation of the current alpha map is displayed. Where the preview is white the alpha is tending to 100% and black is 0%. This feature allows the alpha map used for affects and layering to be viewed and quickly adjusted.

Do Bumps
The Do Bumps check box determines whether the current bump settings are used in the texture preview.

IFW Preview
If this box is checked then the IFW preview is used otherwise the Lightwave surface editor preview is used. Remember that even if the IFW preview is being used you can still click on the surface editor's preview to see what it looks like in there.

Save Texture
Clicking on this button allows the current texture's settings to be saved to a file. These are usually saved with an IFW extension. All of the settings are saved but only the IFW texture settings and not the Lightwave settings. In conjunction with the load control this allows IFW texture settings to be copied and pasted.

Load Texture
Clicking on this button allows a previously saved IFW texture to be loaded. The important thing to note is that an attempt will be made to load as much of the file as possible even if it was saved using a completely different IFW2 texture. So imagine you saved an IFW texture that used IFW2_Noise and fBm. If you loaded this into IFW2_Noise then everything would be loaded as you would expect. However, if you loaded into IFW2_Organic many of the setting have no meaning but the color and alpha maps will still be used. This means that the save/load function can be used to make up a library of gradients for IFW2 textures.

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