IFW2 Nodal Tutorials

The Basics

Tutorial 1
Quick Overview
Tutorial 2
Using Regional Nodes
Tutorial 3
Using Waveform Nodes
Tutorial 4
Using Deformers
Tutorial 5

Tutorial 6
Tutorial 7
IFW2 Bomber

Focused Tutorials

Tutorial 1
Creating a Banded Agate.
Tutorial 2
Creating a Brick Texture.
Tutorial 3
Creating a Basket Texture.
Tutorial 4
Creating a Grille Texture.
Tutorial 5
Attempting Kirby Crackle

Tutorial 6
Creating a Union Jack.

Quick Tips

Quick Tip 1
The Cross Section Waveform
Quick Tip 2
Normals and Bumps
Quick Tip 3
More Input Control
Quick Tip 4
Basket Thread Control
Quick Tip 5
A Simple Toon Shader

Quick Tip 6
The Spline Waveform Node
Quick Tip 7
Regional Switching
Quick Tip 8
IFW2 Combiner
Quick Tip 9
IFW2 Composite
Quick Tip 10
IFW2 WaveAffector

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