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Every one knows that if you own a company, especially a high-tech one, you need to be on the web. The problem can be the design and coding of the web page. This has been helped by the increasing number of WYSIWYG HTML editors. However, to create a distinctive style or identity the graphics still need to be designed. The Graphics Factory can provide various web page design services from just supplying simple graphics such as icons, buttons and dividers all the way to producing and maintaining full web sites including all of the graphic design. The following page shows a few web pages and graphics designed by the Graphics Factory. We are also capable of producing all kinds of animated GIFs. Just check out Animated GIF Design for full details. So whatever you require we can do, simply email your requires by clicking on the send Mail Logo at the bottom of this page.
MSProject Web Page Screen Shot
MSProject/Project98 Web Page Design

This web page was designed for Microsoft Project Users Group. Here, the graphics, page layout and site structure was designed at a very reasonable cost. This leaves the details to be added by the customer.
One of the major issues with web page graphics is the size and therefore the time required to download. Its no good having the the best looking web site on the net if nobody waits the 10 minutes for all the graphics to download. The Graphics Factory prides itself on being able to supply graphics the will download fast and efficiently. This means that any visitors get to see the page in all its splendor which will leave a lasting impression, both, of your web site and of your company.
TA Web Page Screen Shot
Technology Associates Web Page Design

This page was designed for Technology Associates. The colour scheme and layout reflects their stationary enforcing the company's corporate identity. Here, all of the graphics were design along with several sample web pages. In total 42 menu buttons were developed allowing the customer to expand the site but still keep the same look and feel.
Remember, whatever graphics you require for your web page whether it is animated GIFs, Logos, Icons Page Dividers or Full Page Image Maps the Graphics Factory can fulfill your requirements at a reasonable price backed up with a service unparalleled in graphic design. Also, be aware that all the pages and graphics you have viewed at this site were designed by the Graphics Factory.
Imagine Web Page Screen Shot
Imagine Web Page Screen Shot

This is the design done for the Graphics Factory Imagine web page. If you would like to check out the complete site then go to Imagine Web Page.
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