Creating a SUDS Object

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Using the Winbatch File

The CONVSUDS winbatch file will parse any V2.0 POV-Ray scene file generated using POVSUDS.EXE to create an Imagine object. Initially run POVSUDS.EXE. It is important that a POV-Ray 2.0 scene file is generated, which is the default. All other parameters can be anything within the program range. Once you have your suds POV-Ray scene, create the Imagine object that you want to use as the "sud". This would generally be a CSG sphere but any thing can be used. Execute the CONVSUD.WBT winbatch file. Initially you will be asked to select the POV-Ray file to parse, select the file that was generated using POVSUDS.EXE. Next, you will be asked to select the object to use as the sud, again select any Imagine object. Then let the program run, this can take some time especially with a lot of suds. During this phase do not touch anything. Once complete select the suds object and save. IMPORTANT : The winbatch file assumes that Imagine is in c:\imagine. If this is not the case open the winbatch file in a text editor and find the line run("c:\imagine\imagine.exe,"" ). Simply change the path, being careful not to alter the syntax.

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