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Full Details of my Imagine Texture Converter program can be found below.

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Download This program allows Chromatic Dispersion to be added to scenes
containing filtered objects with IOR.
The download size is 23KB.

Prisms - Chromatic Dispersion

Output using chromatic dispersion

This program adds together three separate Targa images, one color from each. When refractive objects are given slighty different IORs in each image the effect simulates chromatic dispersion (i.e. the way in which light is dispersed by a prism to give a rainbow effect.

My Imagine Tetxure Converter

This program allows Imagine object or attribute files from earlier versions of Imagine to be converted for use in Imagine for windows. All texture references and brush references are searched for and the paths replaced with user definable ones. The program will operate on a single file, any number of selected files or entire directories. The program is also useful for anyone who has Imagine located on a different drive or in a different directory. A screen shot of the program is shown below.

Picture of my Program

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