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If you or your company designs or produces any kind of product then you can benefit from the product visualisation services offered by the Graphics Factory. Basically, whatever the product and in whatever form, a detailed "photo-realistic model" can be generated. This can be used to visualise the product, produce stills/animations for presentations and web pages and produce high resolutions images for brochures and manuals. To contact the Graphics Factory simply click on the Send Mail icon at the bottom of this page.
Open ISDN Box
ISDN Box Design for Serco Cit

This brief for this design was to house three separate PCBs in an aluminum box. Here Serco designed the outer case and the style of the feet using Autocad and Mechanical Desktop. The DXF files for these were imported directly from Autocad, into Imagine. Imagine was then used to model the PCB and electronic components. The materials were added, blue stippled plastic for the feet and painted rough finished aluminum alloy for the case. The picture was rendered in order to shown the layout of the PCBs. The component layout, track details and silk screen were taken directly from Cadstar PCB design tool database.
More Benefits Once the Product is Modelled

Once the model is complete the possibilities for images and animations are endless. Here the box is shown closed from four different views. The cables are plugged in and even some of the LEDs are illuminated. Images such as these are just the start. For this client a one minute animation, an AVI, was generated. This started with a blank. The PCBs flew onto the screen and plugged together. Next the case came together enclosing the PCB, the screws followed and the feet were added. Finally the cables are plugged in and the LEDs started flashing. The animation, and the pictures, were used to market the design way before any actual hardware was available.
Closed ISDN Box
Can Opener
Any Product can be Modelled

Of course, absolutely anything can be modelled. This picture shows a promotional picture of a canopener. In this case the product already existed. The company simply wanted a model to use for pictures. This picture is just one example of the staging of the product in a scene. Again, any aspect of the picture can be changed. So, if you feel your company and your company's products/designs can benefit from this type of design facility then please contact us by clicking on the Send Mail logo below.
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