Organica Modelling

Organica is a new kind of modeller from Impulse, makers of the excellent Imagine rendering and modelling package. It combines the ease of blobs (metaballs) with the capabilities of nurbs. Essentially Organica allows any combination of 25 different blob primitives to be used on the model. These will "blob" together to form complex organic shapes. The amount that they "blob" together is under direct control of the user affording a fine degree of control over the modelling process. In addition the blob primitives may be stretched, sheared, bent and skewed to provide an infinite number of primitives.

All of the following images, with the exception of Grommit which was modelled by Richard Foster, were modelled by myself using Organica and rendered using Imagine For Windows. Additional bits were modelled in Imagine For Windows

Organica Model in Organica
Rendered Organica Title

An Organica Logo

This Organica Logo shows just how easily a complex model can be made up.

Hero Model in Organica
Render Hero Model

Silver Hero Figure

Full height figures are just as easy as this Silver Hero Figure shows.....

Mouse Model in Organica
Rendered Mouse Model

A Mouse

Caricatures such as this Mouse are a breeze.............

Frog Model in Organica
Rendered Frog Model

A Frog

In fact anything nature does can be modelled like this Frog.

Wabbit in Organica
Rendered Wabbit Model

A Bunny Wabbit

What's Up Doc ?

Download Wabbit Mesh

Download the Imagine Object of the Wabbit. Size 169KB.

Gromit Modelled in Organica
Wallace Modelled in Organica
Feathers Modelled in Organica
Shawn Soon!

Wallace, Gromit and Feathers Modelled in Organica

Gromit was modelled and rendered by Richard Foster

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