Animated Gifs Designed for Martin Dawes & Technology Associates

Here are some of the animated GIFs that were designed for Technology Associates and The Project Users Group.
Animated White Analyser Logo Analyser Product Icon
Here the icon was designed and animated in vector format in 2D. The finished GIF was still only 16KB. The design was also required on a black background which was easily achieved.
Animated TA Logo Technology Associates Logo
This logo was modelled in 3D from a 2D Picture. Only the arrow was actually animated and was also supplied on it own to use for bullet points. This logo was also supplied as an AVI for use in a powerpoint presentation. The animated GIF is only 11KB the arrow on its own is less, at 9KB.
Animated PUG Logo MS Project Users Group Logo
This Logo was design from scratch in 3D. It was then animated by rotating each of the bars while the text inside remains static. The refractive index of the material assigned to the bar creates the rest. This animated GIF is 15KB
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