Animated Gifs Designed for Martin Dawes Systems

Here are some of the animated GIFs that were designed for Matin Dawes, First4Media and SercoCit.
View Animated GIFs Main Company Logo
Here is the Martin Dawes company logo animated on a black background. A 3D model was designed from a picture of their logo and the main S shape spun on a single axis. This logo is only 11KB big.
Animated DISE Logo DISE Product Icon
Here is an animated GIF of an icon for one of their products. Again this was designed as a 3D model from a picture of a 2D logo. Here the animation is more complex but the file is still only 14KB.
Animated First4Media Logo First4Meda Logo
This logo was directly from the company's logo and even with the compicated animation is still only 25Kb.
View Animated GIFs Serco CiT Logo
This logo was modelled in 3D directly for the companys corporate 2D vector (.cgm) logo. To give it a bit of feel the logo was given a chrome surface to create some nice reflections. Again, this GIF is only 13KB.
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