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If you or your company has a web site then why not jazz it up with some animated GIFs. These can be in the shape of special icons providing information and eye catching colour to your web pages allowing it and your company to stand out from the crowd. The "Click Me" icon below gives an ideal example of how a web page can be made more visual by the addition of a small animated GIF (in this instance only 1658 bytes!).

Alternatively, why not use your companies logo to generate an animated GIF. Provide an interesting perspective for your company presentations by using your logo, animated to enforce your identity visually. A model of your logo can be generated in 3 dimensions opening up endless possibilities for different animations and views. Smaller spinning types of animation can be generated for your web pages. Larger AVIs, providing more complex animations can be used in your presentations. In fact, whatever you can imagine for your logo can be realised.

Prices for this service can be provided. Simply email us using the link below. Still not convinced? Then check out some of the animated GIFs we have done be clicking on the "Click Me" icon.

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