The Gradient Creator - Screen Shots
Basic Gradient Interface
The basic front end for the Gradient Creator is similar to that used for Photoshop or PaintshopPro. Gradient knots can be added, deleted, selected and moved. For each knot its position, color and opacity can be changed. Knots can be selected either graphically or by index making fine adjustments simple.

Image Capture and Texture Sample Controls
Gradients can be easily captured from almost any format image by simply dragging two point across the picture. The gradient is updated in real-time as the image is sampled making it easy to produce realistic gradients. You can even see what the gradient will look like using a variety of example textures. You just need to load an image, sample its gradient, load it into lightwave and attach a procedural texture. Instance textures!

The Color Picker
Colors can be picked using an advanced color picker dialog that gives instant feedback using a sample gradient. The color may be selected from an RGB or HSV palette or simple typed in.

Gradient Adjustment Controls
Various controls can be applied to the gradient, again with real time updates. These include bias, contrast, gamma, shift and scale. Any of these can be applied to all channels or just the individual red, green, blue or alpha channels.
Gradient Resampling
In addition the gradient can be resampled using a variety or techniques to optimize and re-shape it.
Resample Discrete with a 0.005 Band Gap

Resample Smooth with a 0.05 Smoothing Gap

Resample Triangle

Resample Monotonic Using White as the Monotone Color

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