About the Gradient Creator

The Gradient Creator is a window based stand alone program capable of creating gradients that can be exported to Paintshop, Photoshop and Lightwave. The gradients may also be used directly in Darktree. The main features of the Gradient Creator program are :

  • Up to 256 color knots may be added.
  • Each knot can have a color and an opacity, i.e. a seperate alpha channel.
  • An advanced color picker allows color to be picked as RGB or HSV.
  • A sample of the gradient is updated in real time as the colors are picked.
  • Knots may be selected and adjusted graphically or numerically.
  • Gradients from GIMP, CPT, POV-Ray, Lightwave and Paintshop can be imported.
  • Gradients may be exported directly to Photoshop, Paintshop and Lightwave.
  • Gradients may be used directly with textures in Lightwave and Darktree.
  • Gradients can be created directly from sampling images, in real time.
  • The gradient may be sampled using one of the 20 build in textures.
  • The gradient can be adjusted to alter its Brightness, Contrast and Gamma
  • This can affect the red, green, blue or the alpha channels separately or combined.
  • The knots can be shifted and scaled.
  • Various waveforms may be applied to gradient.
  • The whole gradient may be optimised in various ways.
  • The whole gradient may be resampled to create a monotonically colored gradient.
  • The whole gradient may be resampled into discrete steps with definable band gaps.
  • The whole gradient may be smoothed with a definable smoothing distance.
  • The whole gradient may be reversed, triangulated, made logarithmic or smooth stepped.
  • Online help is always available.
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