Enhance:XSI Demo

This special edition of Enhance:XSI is just a small sample of the the full package that contains over 190 full functional texture nodes along with example preset materials and full help file.

Simply download the archive (1,198KB) below, unpack and install the addon in XSI. Enhance:XSI Nodes can be added by selecting Nodes->Texture->More... from the rendertree menu. When the node selection dialog appears click on the Path button and then select Enhance_XSI from the Add-ons Paths. The help file can be unpacked and read manually or copied into the help directory of your XSI installation (e.g. c:\softimage\XSI5.11\Application\Help\en). Help will be then be available for each node.

We operate a forum for discussing Enhance:XSI. This can be found at Enhance:XSI Forum

Download The Demo   Download Enhance:XSI Special Edition
Download The Help File   Download the help file for Enhance:XSI

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