What are Enhance:XSI Textures?

Enhance:XSI Textures is a is a set of a 190 new nodes for the XSI 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 2010 and above. The complete node set augments XSI's nodal capabilities and allows the creation of an infinite number of different textures, patterns and surfaces. In addition, all of the textures parameters can be animated so that many different special effects can be generated. The main features of the Enhance:XSI Texture include :

  • 190 new nodes for XSI 5.0 and above
  • Many example surface presets.
  • Supports Windows 32Bit and Windows 64 bit.
  • The single license includes version for all of the above operating systems.
  • Each nodes renders the same on all operating systems.
  • Compatible with Intel and AMD computers.
  • Compatible with windows 95, 98, Windows NT, Windows2000, XP and Xp x64.
  • Compatible with multi-threaded systems.
  • All 3D and 2D shaders can utilize any of the available mapping methods.
  • New deformers nodes and mix up and distort textures in a variety of ways.
  • All nodes components have a seed input for creating different patterns.
  • Regional nodes can resample other nodes on a region by region basis.
  • Regional nodes can have there inputs controlled on a region by region basis.
  • UV mapped nodes can be used to resample any other texture.
  • All waveforms node can be cascaded allowing complex functions to be created.
  • Advanced, easy to use, composition nodes for faster texture mixing.

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