Screen Shots from Enhance:TS Shaders

Color, Transparency and Reflectance Shaders Interface

For Color shaders a three color, color map, can be blended based on the particular texture function.

In the same way an alpha map can be created, again based on the texture function, that can be used to control the Transparency, Reflectivity, Color Layering, Ambience, Diffusion, Specularity or Specular Roughness of the object. The specular highlight may also be colored for creating metal effect finishes.

In addition, noise can be added to the texture function which can be modified using one of seven wave functions. The texture may also be independently scaled or positioned in any of the XYZ axes.

Finally, texture specific parameters can be controlled and adjusted as necessary and the help page is always available for detailed information about the texture's controls.

Displacement Shaders Interface

The displacement shaders have the same texture specific controls as the color, transparency and reflectance shaders so that the bumps can line up with all the colors or other affected attributes.

The displacement height can be controlled and the bumps can be clipped top and bottom. An image map can also be used to act as a stencil for the displacement pattern.

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