What are Enhance:TS Shaders?

Enhance:TS Shaders are a set of 89 procedural shaders for ShaderLab2. The complete shader set allows the creation of an infinite number of different textures, patterns and surfaces. In addition all of the textures parameters can be animated so that many different special effects can be generated. The main features of the ShaderLab2 :

  • 89 procedural shaders for ShaderLab2.
  • 400 materials in the sample library.
  • All shaders can be color, transparency, reflectance or displacement shaders.
  • All shaders are scalable and can be positioned on the object.
  • Each shader has noise allowing it to be mixed up.
  • Each shader function can use one a seven wave types.
  • Color shaders utilised a three color, color map.
  • Reflectance shaders can control reflectance, roughness, specularity, specular color.
  • Reflectance shaders can also control color layering, ambience and diffusion.
  • Filter and Reflectance shaders utilise a 3 level alpha map for absolute control.
  • Displacement shaders can control bump height and can be clip both top and bottom.
  • Displacement shader can use a image map to stencil the applied bumps.
  • All shaders use a gain and bias function for maximum control of the final output.
  • Shaders can be layered to apply existing materials.
  • Each shader includes a full "on-line" manual page.

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