Deformer Series - Ripples
This deformer applies a sine wave distortion along each axis.

Tweak Link User Parameter Name Function
Deformer Parameters
  User Seed This parameter controls the seed for the whole pattern. By changing its value different patterns can be created. However, this only applies when noise is being used to disturb the deformer.
X, Y, Z Frequency These parameters control the frequency of each sine wave applied to each axis.
X, Y, Z Phase These parameters control the phase of each sine wave applied to each axis.
X, Y, Z Amplitude These parameters control the amplitude of each sine wave applied to each axis.
  Noise Magnitude The Noise Magnitude controls the size of the Turbulence that is used to "stir" up the deformation. As the Magnitude value is increased the amount by which the deformation is disturbed is increased.
  Noise Scale
The Noise Scale parameter controls the frequency of the turbulence, that is the periodic frequency. When the scale is at a high value the turbulence will be tight and crinkled and will become increasingly smoother as this parameter is decreased.
  Noise Octaves
The Noise Octaves parameter controls the number of times noise is summed in order to generate the turbulence. Turbulence is generated by summing noise with each summed noise being half the magnitude of the previously summed noise. The number of times the noise is summed is determined by octaves. So, at low values the turbulence will be smoother and will increase in detail (due to the fact that the summed noise is getting smaller) as the number of octaves is increased. All this basically means is that the turbulence becomes more "crinkled" as the number of octaves is increased.
Noise Omega
The Noise Omega parameter controls the granularity of the turbulence and is only used when it is non-zero. The higher the value the more granular the turbulence.
  Noise Velocity
The Noise Advection parameter controls the speed of the noise over the whole animation cycle. Basically, the higher this value the more active the noise is.
Noise Time
The flow noise can be animated by morphing the Time parameter.

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