Process Series - Blur
This component provides a blur filter capable of blurring any color/percent/bump image or texture.

Tweak Link User Parameter Name Function
Function Parameters
  No Of Samples This parameter controls the number of samples taken to blur the image. The higher the number the more blurred the result but the slower the component.
  Sample Size This parameter controls the sample size between each sample. The higher this number to more discrete the blurring becomes. However, then it can be used to simulate shaking.
Blur Mask This parameter controls how much the blurred image is combined with the original image. At 0% the original image is used and at 100% the blurred image is used. Values in between can be used to control the amount of blurring applied.
  Sample Size Scale This parameter controls the scaling of the step size between each sample. It can be linked so that another texture can control the step size and therefore the amount of blurring.
Color Only Parameters
Input Color This parameter sets the color image/texture to be blurred.
Percentage Only Parameters
Input Percentage This parameter sets the percentage image/texture to be blurred.
Bump Only Parameters
Input Bump This parameter sets the bump image/texture to be blurred.

Tweak This means the parameter can be tweaked.
Link This means the parameter can be linked.( = Can be randomized)
User This means the parameter can be controlled by the user.
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