AM_Vein Combiner
This combiner provides Vein like patterns. This makes it ideal for textures like eyeballs or very organic looking skin.
Noise Controls Click Me for information about all the Noise controls.
Gain Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Bias Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Axis This parameter controls around which axis the wood rings are drawn.
Wave Type This control allows one of seven different function wave types to be used. By passing the combiner function through a waveform generator different shader patterns can be created. These are shown below:

Octaves This parameter controls the detail of the veins. The detail of the veins will increase as this value is increased.
Fade This parameter controls the fading of the veins along the Y axis. The higher this value the quicker the veins fade out.
Detail This parameter controls the density of the veins. At low values the veins will be sparse and will become more dense as the value is increased.

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