AM_Ridged Combiner
This combiner provides noisy bumps based on Fractal Brownian Motion (fBm). The difference to fBm is that the peaks are made to be more ridge like.
Noise Controls Click Me for information about all the Noise controls.
Gain Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Bias Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Wave Type This control allows one of seven different function wave types to be used. By passing the combiner function through a waveform generator different shader patterns can be created. These are shown below:

Octaves This parameter determines the jaggedness of the pattern, or, in other words how much detail it has. At low values the pattern will be smoother and become more jagged and intricate as the value is increased.
Scale This parameter controls the "crumpledness" of the texture. At low values the detail will have large features and at higher values the detail become smaller.
Increment This parameter controls the increment between each successive scale as indicated by the number of octaves. The smaller this value the more detail the pattern will have.
Offset This parameter controls the height at which the smooth valleys become craggy mountain tops.
Threshold This parameter controls the point at which the valleys turn into being ridges.

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