AM_Dimples Combiner
This combiner provides a round dimple like pattern. The texture is cubic, that is it is applied in 3D. Full control is provided to the control the profile of the dimples.
Noise Controls Click Me for information about all the Noise controls.
Gain Click Me for information about the Gain control.
Bias Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Axis This parameter controls which axis the gradient will run along. Either the X, Y or Z axis can be selected.
Wave Type This control allows one of seven different function wave types to be used. By passing the combiner function through a waveform generator different shader patterns can be created. These are shown below:

Lower and Upper Smooth The smooth parameters control the lower and upper shape of the texture. Three basic shapes for upper and lower smooths are shown below. However more varied and extreme shapes can be obtained with values outside the -100 to 100 range.

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