AM_Crumple Combiner
This combine does a used-tinfoil/crumpled-and-flattened-back-out-paper-bag look. By reversing the crumple you get a very convincing hide and underwater lightning patterns.
Noise Controls Click Me for information about all the Noise controls.
Gain Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Bias Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Wave Type This control allows one of seven different function wave types to be used. By passing the combiner function through a waveform generator different shader patterns can be created. These are shown below:

Color Clip This parameter allows the crumple dents to be clipped so that they are applied more or less in the crumpled areas. When this value is 100% the dents are completely clipped. As the value is decreased the dents will fill the crumpled area from the center of each dent outward.
Distribution As this value is decreased, less and less of the crumple dents are applied. At 0% no dents will be applied whereas when this value is 100% all the available dents are applied.

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