AM_Bozo Combiner
This combiner provides a standard noise pattern but includes the ability to increase the details to create more complex noise variations.
Noise Controls Click Me for information about all the Noise controls.
Gain Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Bias Click Me for information about the Bias control.
Wave Type This control allows one of seven different function wave types to be used. By passing the combiner function through a waveform generator different shader patterns can be created. These are shown below:

Octaves This parameter controls the number of iterations of noise used to create the final texture output.
Magnitude This parameter controls the size of the noise output. If this value is zero then a simple noise pattern is used irrespective of the number of octaves that have been set up.
Scale This parameter controls scale of the noise. The larger the value the bigger the noise pattern
Noise This parameter controls the actual noise pattern. If the value is greater than zero the a different noise generation algorithm is used. This algorithm creates more detailed noise. This detail is controlled by the noise parameter. The higher the value the smaller and more detailed the noise.

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